Objective: For this project, there was a lot of freedom as to what we could create. I chose to do a box set for a trilogy of books. With this project, I wanted to create something where I would have to keep a consistent style over multiple pieces. Continuity and consistency are important when creating a set of items that go together.​​​​​​​
Design Brief: The trilogy I chose is a young adult historical fiction book series called The Montague siblings trilogy. When creating the covers, I wanted something ornamental and illustrative. Each book has the same format, from the boarders to the type to the key element. The only aspects that change from book to book are the colors and the key element itself. The borders are a mixture of floral and organic as well as structural from items like the ship’s wheel. The title and the graphics on the front of the books are the only things that change in content. For the first book, I created a box, there is a pirate ship for the second book, and a pirate map on the third. All these elements tie in with the content of each book.