Objective: Packaging is a skill every designer needs to have experience in. There are many facets that go into packaging, from the design itself to dielines. This project was designed to have us create not only a brand and design our packaging, but also design a physical container for our product. ​​​​​​​
Design Brief: Raven & Crow Cosmetics is a moody and fun way to play with the juxtaposition of a traditionally feminine thing—makeup— with attitude and traditionally not feminine or lady-like words. My goal when creating this was to incorporate some humor and quite a bit of personality into a cosmetic line. The logo is a serif font called Abril Fatface housed between a pair of bird wings, which is all contained in a wax seal. The name of the palettes and the colors are self-deprecating, dark, and a little vulgar to create a notable contrast between the nearly classy logo and what is actually being said on the packaging. The particular packaging I designed for this project is for eyeshadow. The packaging is thin and in depth but long and wide with the design on the front of the palette, information and ingredients on the back, and barcode on the bottom.
A Ray Of F#$%ing Sunshine by Raven & Crow Cosmetics
In nine different shades of cruelty-free, vegan eyeshadow, you can show off how you’re rocking that mid-life crisis and handling the never-ending existential dread of simply being alive with style. Wear the prettiest natural pinks and browns while communicating just how absolutely fine you are all the time.