Objective: Graphic designers need to be artistic and creative. Some designers are better at using one program over another due to how they build their designs, but they all need experience creating designs from shapes as well as more traditional forms of drawing. The goal of this assignment was to create a cohesive series of paintings using different methods.​​​​​​​
Design Brief: For this illustrative series, I created three illustrations of hands and nature but with a twist. I created three different hands in different positions interacting with three of the elements. For fire, I used Adobe Photoshop to digitally paint hands cupped together holding a flame dripping and behaving more like water than fire. In Illustrator, I created an illustration of water acting like fire and rising up from hands. To create this. I used geometric shapes and the curvature tool to manipulate basic shapes into hands and water drops. Finally, I painted the earth element using acrylic paint on canvas. The hands are digging into the dirt and vines, and flowers are crawling up the wrists and arms.