Objective: The objective of the shop-local project provided an opportunity to develop a theme as well as support the effort with in-depth research. The ultimate design was to consistently represent the design through a poster and its stylistic elements. conceptualizing the activities that would attract interest in a shop-local event, a map, and a poster with essential details for promoting the gathering.​​​​​​​
Design Brief: Colors of Washington is a museum and glass tour that takes place in downtown Tacoma, Washington State. The tour takes participants through two museums, the Chihuly Glass Bridge, and local eateries. For the design, I created the logo in a way that reflects stained glass both in shape and color. I chose several different colors to make up the elements with the main one within the logo being the “o” Washington, featuring an uneven circle broken up into triangles to resemble that stained-glass appearance. All titles and subtitles are in Abril Fatface, a serif font, and all secondary type is in a sans serif. All the icons and elements of the map are consistent with the same colors as the logo.