Objective: The objective of this project was to create a series of labels for a line of five beers brewed by The Brewery at Catawba Farms, a local winery and brewery. These labels needed to be consistent, appeal to the locals who would be interested in craft beers and represent Catawba Farms. This was a group project and part of the object required collaborating with multiple people on one project, and at times, on the same design.​​​​​​​
Design Brief: Our group chose to take inspiration from the appeal of Catawba Farms as a local entity and the proximity of its local suppliers of natural resources used in their products. The design chosen by the team featured local roads and cities that connect throughout all the cans. The group used a warm, autumnal color palette and kept the style consistent by repeating elements and themes throughout all five beers. We used a slab serif font called Liberteen for the titles and a thin, sans serif font for the minor elements. I worked on the beers Turnabout Stout and Roll In The Hay IPA, the etched pint glasses, and the keg collars, as well as the stickers to go on the keg collars.